Visual or Unreal ignore C code


I want to add support SQLite to project, for this I need to add and compile some C code, but Visual Studio 15 ignore it, why?

If I create clear console project all is well.

2>cl : Command line warning D9002: ignoring unknown option '-x'
2>cl : Command line warning D9024: unrecognized source file type 'c', object file assumed
2>cl : Command line warning D9027: source file 'c' ignored
2> sqlite3.c

Technically, you should not mix C and C++ files in one project. What you can do is to make a library and link it as a 3rd party library.

It should be compiled. In this plugin C and CPP code compiles and works fine (
but it does not work for me too), a problem in other.

Just to clarify: can you compile unreal-sqlite3 or not?

No plugin is not compiled because the same error. Actually I have compile and add as a separate library .lib. Just interesting why it work for others, but it does not work for me.

You can create an empty С file in project, for getting this error.

it could be that Unreal preprocessor does not like .c files anymore.
Why don’t you rename it to .cpp ?

I tried) But then there is a lot of errors, the compiler thinks it’s C++