Visual LOD when swapping skeletal meshes in inventory

hi all, I apologize if the answer to my issue is simple and straightforward, or if the words I’m using to describe it are noobish.

Anyways, let’s dive into it. Let’s take Mass Effect as an example. When swapping armor meshes in the inventory interface, the first mesh and the first textures are low poly/resolution but in the span of a few seconds the mesh in the textures improve in poly/resolution in gradual steps. I’m assuming such approach is very useful to avoid having an empty armor slot while the most detailed skeletal mesh is being loaded.

in my project currently when I swap two armor skeletal meshes it looks weird because during the time of swapping, while the engine is loading the new detailed mesh my character has only a head floating, and after few seconds when the detailed mesh was loaded the new armor suddenly appears.

I would like to implement a transition such as mass effect’s, I have the LOD meshes/textures, I just don’t know how to implement them in this specific scenario. I am aware of the built-in LOD feature based on distance to the mesh that Unreal Engine has, but in my case the distance to the mesh is the same in the inventory interface, so I don’t think the built-in LOD feature applies here.

One approach I was thinking was to initiate an async load of all LOD meshes and remove the unnecessary ones when the last one finishes loading, but I couldn’t find a way to signal an event when the most detailed mesh/texture finished loading so I can trigger a removal of the other ones I of course don’t need.

Please let me know.