Visual FX - Magic and more

Hi :slight_smile:

I was looking for some tutorials that teach me how to do things like this
The only thing I know about this is that was made in After Effects and then exported to UE4!

Thank you all, have a nice day! :slight_smile:

The basic patterns on the ground are probably just combined alpha masks used on translucent emissive materials and rotating around. So those patterns could be made in photoshop or wherever, and then the material looks to do some basic pulsing/revealing to make the materials look more interesting than static images.

The sparks look to be using vector fields to disperse but it could just be regular random motion with nice tweaked settings. I am not 100% sure how he got the sparks to spawn in a nice circle like that though. Something like that is easier to do with Niagra which is currently in development still.

What i do for magic circles is, Make a bunch of round line shapes that i need and create brushes off of them. Then play with texts and stuff in photoshop.
Send them in unreal however you want, I usually pack separate generic pieces in RGBA separately so that i can mix and match or even use them as single.

The rest of the motion and fading etc is given either by the material set up or the particle system (or both)

Like Ryan said.

Emitter Location Module probably? Just a Cylinder Module with 0 height.

You can always do a cylinder like the Jamsh said or a Mesh shape.