Visible Motion Controller and player motion

Hi there,

so I got my Vive and I´m starting to make my first steps with the UE4 Engine. I went through a lot of tutorials and so far I get some basic things done.
What works for me at the moment. I get the Headmotion. I see my controllers represented as box and I can navigate forward and to the side by using the Face buttons of a Controller.
What does not work is combining these things. Whenever I move the visual representation of the controller is not in the right place. I tried different ways and I don´t wanna go in depth here.
So what I´m asking for is a way to move using the face buttons while I see the controllers in the right place. All the tutorials I found only capture the basic setup and representation of the Controllers
but do not include moving around. Maybe a tutorial exists that I overlooked ? Or someone has some good tips for me how to solve this ? any help is much appreciated.

Hi, I’ve had a similar problem. I try to use moving the trigger to wherever the HMD is looking. It works, only the motion controllers don’t follow my movement. I can’t seem to figure out whats wrong. I have the entire pawn moving at the moment, just the motion controllers won’t move with it. Did you ever find a fix for something like this?

Did you add motioncontroller component to the scene and define left and right?

This is a good tutorial:

I’m sorry I was not clear. The motion controllers track and follow my movements correctly when I am centered on my spawn point. The problem comes when I use a pawn movement that is activated by using the vive analog trigger. The blueprint is very simple and just moves my character pawn in the direction that I am looking. The problem is, the motion controllers do not move with the pawn when I do this. After moving by using the analog trigger, I can essentially look back at my hands in the same spot. They still follow my individual hand movements, but they did not travel the distance that my pawn did.

What is your component tree? The motion controllers will be relative to whatever your root component is, if you are not moving the root component that they are attached to then they will stay where they are.

Ahh okay. I think the problem may be that i set the motion controllers to have a world location rather than a relative location when placing them in my pawn. This should be the cause of the problem, right? I’ll test it out when I get home today.

Yes that among a few other things was essentially the problem. Thank you for your help!