"Visibility Commands" reducing my framerate , not displayed in GPU profiler

My work is completly stuck , my framerate is 40 Fps because of Visibility commands. there is nothing on the web about it. There were not this issue since a few commits.

Please help me to profile what happen.

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There is 2 ms of calculating Visibility commands on a brand new blank project too.

this is the only post abou it with no solution: GPU Stat Profiling - What is VisibilityCommands? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

That’s what i found in the session frontend, now how can i see from what Visibility commands is?

Hello Darref did you found solution?

Folks, check to see if you are using World Composition on your persistent level. If you are, make sure you are NOT doing any level streaming. And check to make sure your sub-levels are NOT all loading at once. If they are, that is what is causing this most likely.

VisibilityCommands usually means costs from occlusion and/or dynamic shadows usually from stationary & movable lights.

Checkout your scenes light complexity and reduce overlapping stationary lights if you can. I’ve found setting fade distances on any movable or stationary lights helps. I’ve also set bUseAsOccluder false on as many small meshes as I can that aren’t helping to occlude any geometry. Finally, you can place a DistanceCull volume which can save some time here too but try it off and on & compare.

This is not a pleasant problem. You open the ContentExamples 4.27, the default scene, enter stat gpu into the console and see the (most voracious) VisibilityCommands at the top of the list. If the directional light is stationary in the scene, then wait for problems, moving to a movable lights will remove the problem, but this does not always work. UE doesn’t like realtime light either, even if lamps are without shadows.
I look closely at Unigine and even Unity (2021.2) in these moments it is better, especially if you enable realtime enlighten GI in HDRP.

Try Cryengine.
Much better performance wise.

.27 performance should be better than .26.
It was with preview 1.
Haven’t bothered benching recently.

Yes, the render in Cryengine is still great, SVOTI, SSDO, but the rest of the engine components are outdated and inconvenient, the last update was a year ago. UE5 needs top hardware. Unigine roadmap for 2021 is impressive.