Visceral 3D Tutorial Series

Hi my name is Rasmus ‘Visceral3D’.

For a while now i have been doing videos covering Unreal Engine 4, I just recently started out but finding it really fun and intresting and i want to keep doing it and i might getting a bit better.
I have been using Unreal Engine since UT2k4 and i love to share my knowlage of the engine.
My tutorials are moore focused on graphics and art, since thats my field of expertice.

What is this thread for? Well first of all its for suggestions, what do you think of my videos? Anything i can improve apon or add to make the series better?
Secondly i need suggestions on future topics. Anything goes as long as its art related. I do primarily Enviroment Art and FX Art and would love to make some tutorials on that.
Last but not least, its a shameless promotion of my channel. I DON’T run ads and i dont do it for any kind of profit. (even though the half of a cent i have earned so far is pretty sweet.)

So check it out will you and tell me what you think!

You can find my channel here:

Tutorial 1: Upvectors

If you want to come in contact with me you can either post in this thread or send me a tweet: “@Visceral89_”

Hello Visceral3D,

I’m beginner 3d artist and I want to learn painting models and actually making different textures for them. Can you create a tutorial for this please :slight_smile:

I have an M18 Smoke and a bottle of water, but I don’t know how to paint them. I have UV’s for them, but no textures :frowning:

Hi Ozone.

Sure making a prop tutorial series would be great. If you would choose, would you have a voice over and kinda speed up video or a realtime series that spans over a number of episodes.
For me, making a prop isnt really that exciting, and it needs to be tied into Unreal Engine somehow, so if i where to make such a series i would focus on the Modelling/Texturing and Importing for a Physically based pipeline, making correct roughness and albedo values.

However im not that experienced (in practise) with the PBR workflow, i havent worked proffesionally in a PBR environment so this would just be my self tought stuff.

The videos would in my mind be best in a 3 part series.
1: Sped up modelling High and Low poly with commentry.
2: Sped up texturing and UV mapping with commentry talking about PBR.
3: Importing and making the material in realtime.

Would that seem like something you would benefit from?

New video is up.

Tutorial 2: Vertex Painting

I’d prefer realtime videos with several episodes. And why not make the entire pipepline of modeling, uving, texturing and importing in the engine?

I took a look at your tutorials, they are very nice!

Yeah so im going to start this weekend with the series!

Thank you very much, that would really help me a lot, and other beginners in the community too IMO :slight_smile:

I am happy to announce part 1 is now complete and rendering! Will be up later this day hopefully.

Very good! Can’t wait to watch it

Very awesome tutorial you showed a lot of different techniques that I didn’t knew or even thought of them! Like this thing with the symmetry modifier, supporting edges and so on. I’m going to try to make a similar mesh later with the thing I learned from you.

But I have some question if you don’t mind.
You said that in the next video you are going to make the low poly model and UV it. Are you going to do the low-poly mesh from the High Poly or you are going from scratch again? And what is better to start from the low-poly to build high-poly or vice versa? And are you going to UV only the LP or the HP too? Also when modeling HP should I really care about triangle and poly count or I shouldn’t?

Thanks for the tutorial, it helped me a lot, and I’m sure it will help other beginners or more intermediate modelers too. Cannot wait to see the next part and the texturing.

You will just have to wait and see. Next vid is beeing worked on right now :wink:

Yeah I’m really excited about that, thanks for taking time and showing the amateurs how it’s done :smiley:

Im on a roll lately

This part was little longer but still is as good as the first! Great job, I’ll try to make the low-poly now.

Waaay too long for me. I think around 30 minutes is perfect. But since i wanted the packing in realtime it became a bit longer. I had a really hard time finding things to talk about.


I don’t want to be really selfish and I know that you don’t have time for this kind of stuff… but I was wondering now when you finish the M18 Smoke maybe … well… Sorry to ask again for another tutorial but could you please (when you have time of corse) make some organic models? Maybe model hands or a character? This hard surface modeling looks really easy and I became a little better from your tuts, so could you please make an organic tutorial too? :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the texturing part of the M18 smoke, any ETA of release? (Sorry to ask again, but I want to learn ASAP to continiue my work on the game)

Im currently rather busy at the time. The texturing video is almost half done.

Organic stuff however, is not my forte. I dont know anything about organic stuff.
What i have is experience in environment and props. I have never made a character, ever. You can find an attempt at a rat creature on my youtube channel, thats probably the closest i have ever come to the stuff and if i dont feel comfortable with the stuff I probably shouldnt be teaching anyone about it.

There are plenty of videos out there on sculpting. And it takes alot of time and practice to get good at. Time that i have spent elsewhere.
Like here:

Im really sorry, but no characters on my channel.
I hope you understand.

My plans for the future is to take a small break after this series, beacuse well i need to moove to a new town. And then tackle a bigger project. Either making a complex model, or a full scene in Unreal.

Okay I understand. By the way is this bigger project your own private?