Visceral 3D Tutorial Series.

Sorry I was off from the forums a little bit. Thanks Visceral for taking the time for finishing your tutorial. After watching it I finally started to make “clean” models :slight_smile:

sweet, I’m going to watch these as soon as I get home from work!

EDIT: … I haven’t finished watching them as of yet, lots going on and I didn’t get to start them until late yesterday so I plan on finishing them now… But with that said, a few comments.

The point of a tutorial is to teach. I understand what you mean when you said you couldn’t narrate live, and it’s difficult to get it right in one pass… but that’s part of the point of a tutorial (even if it’s spread across a series). I was excited to watch these, to “learn” how (and why, etc) to make a high poly model, then low poly it, then UV/normal/paint it… a complete project from top to bottom. I was looking forward to learning -why- certain things are done in high poly, -how- to do those things, -what- to keep an eye on and remember to do each time… I was quite disappointed when you first said “I’m not going to get into why you need guide loops, you can go look that up” (paraphrased), all while mixing in “I don’t know what I should say… this is boring for you, there’s nothing for me to tell you”. … /sigh

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to finish watching them to see if there’s something more than fairly vague generalities I can learn (since I know most of the generalities… I need the details! :wink: )… but perhaps don’t call this a tutorial series, instead just frame them as “watch me make this”. Tutorial implies you are going step by step, teaching, and doing it in a way that lets your pupils follow along and learn. I could tell 45 seconds into the first video that there was no way I was going to be able to do this at my level… watching a “pro” do it “real time” doesn’t help us noobs figure out what’s going on, or how to do it ourselves (and that’s OK, as long as we don’t think we’re going to be shown all those bits, but that’s what ‘tutorial’ implies).

Still, though… very well done as far as making the models. You clearly are very good and know what you’re doing! (I was just hoping you would be imparting that knowledge to us noobs in a more guided way :wink: … and by the way, I’m only commenting because you also said in the video that you want comments, suggestions, etc etc. I’m not trying to be negative, just let you know that I mistook what these videos were because I have a certain idea on what “tutorial videos” are…)

Dude thanks alot, thats exactly what i need to improve! I thrive on negativity otherwise i dont know how to improve.
I have been working alot recently on the way i talk and im going to take your suggestions to heart! Im new to making videos and alot of stuff might seem a bit obvious to me but really isnt to some others.

Thank you so much for the reply!