Virtuix Omni Treadmill

Wondering if anyone has had any luck integrating the Omni. I’ve downloaded their SDK from the website however I am unable to rebuild a project after adding in the Omni Plugin. I’ve attempted with UE 4.17.2, 4.18.3 as well as 4.19. Each time I’m given a message that the specific dll modules were build with a different engine version and asked to rebuild them, and each time they fail and cannot be compiled. The SDK I’m working from is “OmniSDKUE4_v2”. I’ve tired their forums as well as tried contacting their support but not finding much out there about the integration other that just do it and it will work. Sadly the SDK is supposed to include a demo project but it did not.

Thanks so much.

In case anyone is wondering, the current SDK listed on the website UnrealSDK_V2. is complied for Engine Version 4.15, got in touch with their developers and they were able to recompile a version that works with 4.18.3.