Virtual Tetxuring is now in dev-rendering

Sorry if this has already been posted but this looks like the real deal…

Yea there were some people going crazy about that on Discord’s graphics channel. It seems to work based on some quick testing.

At quick glance seems the lightmaps are now using it, which means even less draw calls (since it wasn’t possible to batch two instances if they ended up using different lightmap pages).

Nope, it seems to work more or less, you can render out decals to the virtual texture during runtime and such. Behold: spline decals

The hype is real stronk for this one.

I’ve been excited about this for years! Wow. Nice.

“Virtual Texturing” is the one card I have been watching on Trello for the last few years and any time I’ve spoken to Epic staff in person I’ve always poked and prodded about VT. So happy it’s finally happening.

I was gutted when Unity bought Granite so at least it’s given Epic the jolt it needed to take this seriously.

Is this a new feature introduced with this commit or is this your own implementation of spline decals?

It’s not mine, I think @Deathrey did it.

It’s basically baking a texture into a procedural virtual texture at runtime, and then that PVT is for landscape.

Whats the deal with Virtual Texturing, what can we do with it ?

Put simply you can stay under texture budget no matter what.

It makes “open world” games a true possibility, instead of fighting your life away with the world streaming tools :v

Do you remember where you found this? I’m waiting for “spline decals” for such a long time but can’t find how to do wha’t in your link

Hopefully we will see some tutorials come out of Epic or other devs showcasing how this workflow works and in case you had an existing setup for your game how best to translate those textures and materials to work with Virtual texturing.