Virtual Reality Updates in 4.11 - Live From Epic HQ

Sam Deiter and Yannick Lange are joining us to show off the new improvements to Virtual Reality that came out with 4.11. Between the HMD camera updates, Vive Dev Grants, Instanced Stereo Rendering, VR Editor and new VR Docs there is a lot to catch up on. Then, we’ll be announcing the April Game Jam Theme and kicking of the UE4jam!

Thursday, April 14th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]


Sam Deiter - Sr. Technical Writer - @Sam_Deiter](
Yannick Lange - Intern - @Yanniiiiiiiick](
Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](

Have a question? Feel free to ask here or during the stream!


I’ll be tuning in tomorrow for sure :slight_smile:

Big thanks for the VR Grant again, having so much fun with the Vive it is amazing. Also development in UE4 so far has been very fluid.

My only question at this moment is regarding Instanced Stereo.

I’ve enabled it in my project settings no problem, but I go to restart the editor and it never fully loads again. The Splash screen pops up and gets stuck at 45%, looking in the task manager I see Shader Compilers running, but doesn’t ever seem to load.

Am I missing something? or is there an ini setting conflicting? Not sure what is going on here.

Thanks again :smiley:


New/ Second question. How would one implement swiping on the Thumbstick/Thumb Pad on the Vive. I’ve managed to work out its outputting values between -1 and 1 for both X and Y, but working out how to detect a swipe motion as input is keeping me thinking.

Its recompiling the shaders, just let it run for however long it wants to take. It might take more then an hour

Great, looking forward to the stream.

Question in advance: I noticed that enabling instanced stereo rendering for this ocean shader scene from Piroman ( causes a corrupted right eye rendering in my Vive. Disabling instanced stereo rendering fixes the issue. Is this a bug or do we need to consider certain restrictions when using this feature. If so, which ones?

Hmm, I thought that might be the case, but I did try opening the editor with basically no shaders and a empty project. So I’ll try let it run for a bit and see what happens.

So I’ve had reports (and there’s this thread) that the bug which causes the Motion Controller Component to control all instances of a character when a player is using motion controllers is still present in 4.11. Can you guys talk about this, and whether there is a work around other than just manually getting the pos/rotation of the motion controllers on tick and just interpolating them ourselves?

Is Epic bringing unified VR ? Develop once , deploy and run on all VR devices.

Do you know when (or if) Instanced Stereo Rendering will be available for GearVR development?

Probably not until Paragon is released.

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for the spotlight on Eden!

Check out the latest videos in the thread too, I’ve got some demos up now showing just how big all this is close up :slight_smile:

I’ve watched most of the VRstreams to date, thanks for all the hard work!

A question or two in advance.
Vive haptic feedback in BP? Is it working ATM?
I have controller shake at the moment. If I bring up the steam overlay the shaking stops. Any thoughts as to where to look for something like this? If it helps if I change my world to meters to smaller value it gets increasingly worse.
Do I need win10 for Stereo Instance Rendering… I think I already know the answer for this :frowning:
What would be a safe poly count for a level in VR?

Ok I have a thousand more but will stop there :slight_smile: