Virtual Reality Templates & Examples [Blueprint]

Hi Unreal Community!

This thread will be dedicated to VR examples , samples and mechanics released here :

**Update 01 : 05/09/2017 **
**- Table Tennis VR

Many thanks for these!!

You’re brilliant mate, thank you so much!

Thx dude! hi from Melilla, is good to read ppl “next to me” doing things like that.

Thanks a lot my friend…you are very generous man :slight_smile:

Glad it helped !

Yeah , Thx!

Wow this is amazing. People would pay for these. Well done.

Really cool. Thanks

Hi Mhousse1247 Im using your shape slicer template with my project and for some reason the below BP in the sword mesh actor makes the player walk in one direction only when try to walk. I’m using artificial locomotion for the player. I’ve narrowed it down the the BlockAll part. When I remove that I can walk in every direction again. Do you have any idea why that might be happening and is there anything I can use instead of BlockAll that might work?



@tcla75 I can’t axactly tell what is the problem , maybe the sword collision is blocking/penetrating you character collision !

Cool!! Good Template!!
Thx!! XD

Updated : Some bugs fixed !

The link to Colour Shapes seems to be broken :slight_smile:

will more examples be uploaded? will you allow the community to submit example projects? :slight_smile:

@Mhousse1247 I second that, I thik it would be a cool idea to put together some VR examples from the community. I can donate my beerpong concept here, I just need to make it look like it takes places in a space station like yours! :wink:

Hey Virtueel
I have been working on my own simplified vr mesh slicing, but I have issues with accuracy of the cuts sometimes.
I tried to makes more changes and experiment a bit using some of the code you have in yours , But without luck.

I you have any advice on where I am going wrong I would love to hear it.