[VIRTUAL PRODUCTION] AJA Kona 4 capturecard not being detected by UE4

We are setting up a virtual production proof-of-concept with a broadcaster in our country.

We currently have access to two capture cards to process our SDI input:

  • Aja Kona 4
  • Blackmagic Decklink studio 4K

We have everything up and running by using the BM Decklink card, but we want to have the option of using the AJA card as it has more inputs and output capabilities.

Unfortunately the Kona 4 is not being detected by UE4. We have followed the AJA media reference page in the documentation and have tried using different versions of the AJA desktop software.
The AJA card is showing up properly in the desktop software and runs as expected outside of UE4.

Does anybody have any clues as to why UE4 detects the BM card but not the AJA card?

Hi Jeff, Unreal Engine works well with BM Decklink Studio 4K ? Do you know if Unreal Engine BM plugin works with BM Decklink mini Recorder 4K Card? Thanks