Virtual joysticks on all players control the first player only

Hello, I am trying to develop a multiplayer mobile game for android. Thus, in project settings I enabled virtual joysticks after replicating animations and scripts to work for multiplayer. The problem is, input from the virtual joysticks on all players(players in all windows) goes to the first client only(the first player in the first window). Project works fine otherwise on keyboard and mouse. How can I make it so that input from virtual joysticks goes to its unique/relevant player?
Thank you.

Hmm, the joystick’s output just mimics another input key axis that is defined in the VirtualJoysticks Control’s array. The default is the gamepad thumbsticks X and Y. You would need to handle it like the gamepad sent it.

I have the same problem ,did you solve it?

I gave up on that and started working on a new idea/project

You could make the joysticks use any input you want, doesn’t matter if the thumbstick is what you have it set to. You could make it use the delete key to quit the game if you wanted. This doesn’t change the fact that it’s being run only on one client from another client. This is not in any way a solution

Do you have solution about this?

Just play it in Mobile Preview, I was stuck in this issue for hours, I hard coded it to work on multiplayer, did literally everything but nothing worked.
Then I just played it on Mobile preview and Bam, the problem Doesn’t Exist, its a bug IG.