Virtual HeightField Mesh On Landscape

Hi, guys.

Was experimenting with getting displacement on the landscape. And since there is no support for tasselation displacement I’ve used Virtual HeightField.

Simple Beach Sand Material For Test. All works except I get weird flickering. Like switching between LODs while I am standing and not moving.


If I Have only Height RVT running its OK. But of course I want also draw RVT for color. And when I do it the flickering is happening.

Thanks for any hints in advance.
Cheers! :slight_smile:

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There U can see exactly the same problem like I have. This ugly flickering !

Me too, haven’t been able to solve it so far. Have found some improvement by increasing the LOD distribution in the details panel of the RVT Height Mesh actor and/or reducing the size of the texture in the RVT material, but still get some flickering in certain situations. Try experimenting with the RVT Height mesh LOD settings when looking at a flickering spot in the editor.

same issue here, and LOD distribution doesn’t work for me. U can see the wireframe is changing without any viewport movement. acting as LOD changing or nanite-like effect.

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I know this is an olde-thread, but I believe we stumbled upon the solution here, check your residency-settings to see if you are pooling-out: Runtime virtual texture sets landscape to lower mip - #59 by cannasoftware