Virtual Desktop Integration

Virtual Desktop was just released on Steam

The program is fantastic. Using a Vive Pre, I’m essentially able to continue working through out the day without needing to remove the headset. However, UE4 won’t play nice. When I open an Unreal project that I’m working on, the Vive defaults back to the standard gray grid area. Closing the project returns to the Virtual Desktop application.

Has anyone found any way to integrate UE4 into this? I’d love to work the whole time with the headset on my face. I realize that this will be a moot point when the VR editor feature is released, but I would like to get this working in the meantime.


This has been out for about a year and a half what does this have to do with Unreal besides what is already there which is you can run unreal in the Virt Desk

You might as well switch out for a few moments, since UE4 has it’s own VR mode built in. I can’t say without any logs why it won’t work, but I’d guess it’s either because
A) UE4 has VR support itself
B) UE4 is a pretty intensive application which has multiple DX viewports (even some small popups have their own one…)

Also this application has been out for a lot longer. I was using it on my DK2 a few days after it arrived like a year and a bit ago. Can’t believe they’ve started charging for it!

This is a question I wanted to ask as well, and I think you missed the point, or did something to your setup that others haven’t achieved.

Virtual Desktop may have been around for a while, but it is only now that a lot of people (or those who have received their new headsets) are just getting hold of and using. What we’d like to do is run the Unreal Editor on the virtual monitors that we have in Virtual Desktop - myself I’ve put a couple of extra HDMI blanks in that emulate 4K screens to Windows so I can have multiple joined screens of equal size and resolution all joined up and curved around me whilst I work. Making the screens larger and being able to zoom in and out for specific bits is also very handy.

The problem is that the Unreal Editor automatically recognises the headset (in my case Oculus Rift) and shuts off said headset until you tell the editor to test the game in VR. This is frustrating. I wish to run the normal Unreal Editor on the Virtual Desktop and only have it run in ‘VR Mode’ when I test the game in ‘VR Mode’.

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you.

I think you are better off implementing BLUI into the VR Editor itself, along with whatever else that you think you need.

The Windows desktop and the other applications I have open whilst working with Unreal, 3D modelling, animation software, Photoshop…the Unreal Editor is just the place to collate a lot of other work and piece it together to do the right thing at the right time. I don’t need it to shut off my headset and the application that it is using to view the Unreal editor just because I’m not testing a game in VR at that particular moment.

There are a lot of advantages of working with a VR-based desktop setup like Virtual Desktop with multiple virtual screens, not the least of which is the ability to enlarge and reduce the size and the ‘distance’ from the user. It makes focusing on certain specific areas MUCH easier.

I still don’t like SteamVR, it seems dictatorial …