VInterp Constant To does not work

“VInterp Constant To” node and “FMath::VInterpToConstant()” does not work properly, always return 0 vector:
The same blueprint changing to “VInterp To” work fine.

I miss someting?

Are you using it right? This works like a charm:

OK. Sometimes you need someone to take you out of stubbornness.

The problem is very simple Interp Speed to 1.f is too slow… Face palm many hours lost in this…
Visual debuger doesn’t show all the vars because compiler optimize the function…
Today I saw in the capture’s proyect that I forgot to put the sphere into “movable”…
So embarrasing.

Thank you!

No worries, we’ve all been there and done that!

Normal Vinterp to constant need speed of 1 or 2 to work normally, whose idea was to have it closer to 500 in the constant to work with almost the same speed? Was sure it didn’t work for a whole hour trying to figure what I did wrong…