Vignette without post processing volume

To use post process volume on mobile it has to have HDR mode turned on, but it impacts performance a lot so i’m trying to find way to add vignette without that volume.

I tried adding image to widget blueprint but its completely black. Is there any other way?

You would have to do it all at the camera actor level.
Start here
and another link
and another

As I am an also curious to learn more about on camera effects. Lets learn this stuff!

There are second way to add vignette. It’s to add a semitransparent frame mesh around the border with gradient texture on it.

  • Material domain: Surface
  • Blend: Modulate
  • Shading: Unlit
  • Render After DOF: unchecked

I really recommend you to make a polygon around screen to minimize the overdraw.

You also may use UI domain and add this material as a widget (I guess this may be a proper way).

Thanks! Exactly what I was searching for

Here. Made an example vignette mesh (file in attachment, FBX not allowed, so it’s in ZIP).

[link text][2]

And this is how it looks when radius and density is set properly: