Vignette not working

I want to add a vignette to my scene, but the effect doesn’t seem to work. other effects like saturation and bloom are working but the vignette is not.

It is adding other effects…just not the vignette.

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So you have a PP set to unbound, and intensity ramped up?


Try a value like 3 ( you can enter it manually ).

Yes, it is set to unbound and the intensity is max. My screenshots show the options I had on to show the difference.

Even a 100 doesn’t do anything.

Do you have an overriding PP on the camera, perhaps.

Maybe also try in an empty level.

New level…still nothing.

And what is an overriding PP? …I don’t know.

I tested other options ( at least those I know ) like exposure, bloom, saturation and they all seems to work.
I tried adding to directly to the camera’s post process but still nothing.
The problem seems project wide as it doesn’t work with any post process volume or in any level.
I might have accidently changed something somewhere…but I don’t know what.

P.S. - I don’t know if this is related, but my animation created in the sequencer got corrupted on the next load with the error in camera actor and the warning “NewObject was used instead of CreateDefaultSubobject during CDO construction.”

This might just be an internal unreal error and might be unrelated but I thought I will mention it just in case.

I found the solution, it was rather stupid.
I had my scalability set to low and unreal doesn’t t render Vignette on low.

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Wow yeah that was driving me mad thank you