Viewport camera moves on its own!

Hey guys,
i’m quite new to this whole stuff and installed UE4 yesterday on my Computer. Today i started it for the first time and created a new project.

The camera in my Viewport is moving on its own. I’m not using the mouse or the keyboard but the Camera is flying in one direction the whole time. It’s like an auto-moving mode.

How can i turn this off?

Thanks in advance!

Have you probably a controller connected to your PC? :smiley:


Oh my god! That was the problem. I didn’t even think about the controller!

Thanks a lot, now i can start to learn some stuff :slight_smile:

Haha this happened to me! What are the odds?! I had a controller positioned to where the joystick was getting pressed!

Hahahaha I had the same problem. I would never have figured it out without this thread. :’)
Thanks a lot.

me too… lol

Thanks Dude :slight_smile:

OMG, I’m not alone!
Thanks a lot)

Aaahg same here.
My first thought was more on the line “Dang now really everything is broken” :smiley:

lol i can’t believe that happened to me again

Oh my god… That was actually it… My Controller dropped to the ground and I didn’t think about it being the problem for this weird behavior… Thanks for this Thread! :smiley:

Aaahahahha just happened to me I couldn’t figure why before watching this XD

I feel bad, but atleast I’mm not alone. Would’ve never figured it out… Thanks

Yikes, just fixed my issue thanks to this thread. Cheers!!

This thread saved my life!!

this thread saved my life as well!

I have a problem - “now viewing from own camera” in unreal tournament 1999. what to do???

But how to fix it? If I developping the game with a controller? In scene my camera is allways rotating by itself… And in gameplay it’s very sensitive on triggers, but they are in default position. Thx.

Ok, found the solution. In DS4Windows go to the settings and find Controller Readings and on the right menu put Anti-dead Zone “0” for LS and RS.

Just Want to let you know I woke up this morning with this problem, And sat in a stupor for a while trying to figure out why suddenly unreal was behaving so strangely. This Thread was very useful, and when I read that it was I felt so silly.