Viewing Stereo Cubemaps/Spherical Maps inside Unreal engine.

Hi All,

I’ve been playing around recently with V-Ray’s new stereoscopic VR rendering features, and they’re pretty great! They’re really nice for backgrounds, heavily complex scenes and mobile VR. I was wondering if anyone has every tried to get them to work in unreal, where each eye receives the correct imagery to display? So far, there is a lot of discussion on getting unreal to export 360 video/imagery (which would also be really great), but less on getting it to view it.

As someone that would like to push VR fidelity, make a lot of fast iterations, and who works in mobile, stereoscopic renders would be a great addition. Ideally, I’d experiment with using them for mid/backgrounds, and working with single-perspective scenes on mobile devices.

For reference, here’s an example of a 6x1 VR cubemap, produced by Chaos Group.

Each eye renders its own cube.

I’d really appreciate anyone’s thoughts on bringing this into Unreal. My code-fu is basic; I’m an artist/architect by training, so am approaching this from a less-technical background.

Cheers All,


This is possible, just make a material with your left and right cubemap inside it and sample each depending on the screen position.

Did you ever figure out how to get stereoscopic cube render out of UE4 like VRay? If so please share the love… thank you. :slight_smile: