View angle/ Fresnel/ Water


i’m new to ue 4 and i use a tutorial ( to create a water material. It works and the water looks good :), but I think I make some mistakes:(. In the photo the water looks more blue/ green, my material looks like glas with some some waves. Furthermore when the camera is in the angle from 90° to 80° you can see the waves, but then there is no more reflection.
I read something about Fresnel, and i change some values, but it doesn’t help. So what values I have to use to see the material in all angle view?


Hey ihrlummel,

I was the writer of the tutorial so I think it right for me to respond :slight_smile:

So the best thing to do would be to create a ‘Material Instance’ of the water material so you can easily slide the parameters you set to see changes without having to compile your shaders.

Here is ‘Material Instance’ parameter settings I have for my surface. Keep in mind these settings can be based on the size and depth of your water. You will want to find the right settings through visual trial and error to get your desired results.

Let me know if this helps!


Thank you,

my object was to high, so the when the view angle was under 80° the material wasn’t visible. So now everything is fine.