[Video Tutorial Request] xNormal normal map baking workflow for UE4

Hi everyone!

I just though it would be really nice if Epic Games could make a video tutorial on their normal map baking workflow in xNormal for UE4 that they use in studio and what is the most optimal way of creating the assets for the engine in general (most efficient lightmap unwrap, static mesh import and in-engine setup etc.). Following his guide Normal Map Creation Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation still produces really nasty shading errors in UE 4.1.1 with a single smoothing group applied. So it would be really nice to see how Epic Games artists create their assets for the engine.

Thank you!

Since you’re asking for how Epic does their work, it might be best to put this request on this thread: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?4418-UE4-Roadmap