Video Texture doesn't play on Viewport

Still quite new to UE4 and unsure why this isn’t working ?

Level BP : Screenshot - b7e0ed4cc231dbb052e00f500401720f - Gyazo

It should be working and works on my friend’s project but not mine !

Info : on v4.13, files are wmv, nothing in VideoPlayer BP, just an image in widget UI with the video texture. When I trigger the event all I get is a white screen on the viewport…

The media player does start playing but it simply just doesn’t appear on screen/viewport !

Any help would be very deeply appreciated !

Hello Kaeide,

Can you provide me with a screenshot of your Media Player as well as the Widget you are calling to the screen?

I have a couple guesses at what could be occurring. Firstly, make sure you are using the correct material/texture within your Widget BP. An easy way to test this is to play one of your videos and observe the content browser for the video to play in the texture itself.

My next guess would be that the video has not had time to actually load into memory and is getting called to play. You should create an OnMediaOpened event to make sure it is loaded properly before adding it to the viewport and getting it to play.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.