video sequence rendering vs realtime fps?

I’m trying to develop a VR scene. It isn’t so complex and i’m fairly certain it won’t struggle on VR.

However i don’t have goggles right now as I’m away from home but i decided to carry on working on my scene anyway.
Just now i decided to render a video sequence for the first time ever. I was surprised that rendering a video sequence is a very slow process! the fps while building the video is very slow.

Does this mean my computer is struggling to build the scene and when i view in VR it will be a very low fps, like the video sequence rendering process?

I thought that my scene would have the same textures, objects and lighting in both the real-time game-play and for rendering a video sequence?

Is this a known thing that rendering video is slow? if so, why?

Cheers guys!

When you render to a video in Sequencer or Matinee it’s saving the image for each frame so it takes a little extra time to render. The final output will maintain whatever FPS that you set it to render to, so it’s a way for you to render high quality videos at a good FPS even if your machine can’t handle that much in real-time.