Video Render Queue - Niagara system problem

Hello, I would like to ask about rendering the Niagara systems with the newest 4.26’s Movie Render Queue.
It seems that when I set Temporal Sample Count under the Anti-aliasing to a higher number to get better final results, my particles start to have an almost additive effect. I roughly understand the sample count works with multiple frames sticking together which could potentially cause this. Is there any workaround to get desired particles with higher samples though?

I am attaching the images, one with desired particle behaviour but only 1 sample and second with 32 samples but additiveness of the particles.

Many thanks in advance!


I have the same issue. You ever find a fix?


I have weird issue with temporal sampling to 64. The particle behave in strange way.


the render queue AA is a joke with niagara, so many issues when overriding samples … position offsets, spawn rates, thresholds met 32 times per frame, uncontrollable motion blur , additive sprite shader just keeps adding … please fix this

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still the same problem… Unreal Engine 5.2