[Video Proof of Concept] Make UE4 Destructibles Friendly With Simulate Physics, in Pre-Destroyed Phase

Dear Friends at Epic,

Since my UE3 days I’ve always wanted to make this suggestion,

the fact that UE4 Destructibles are now a subclass of skeletal mesh actor makes my suggestion even easier to implement

#My Suggestion

Integrate simulate physics with apex objects, to have moveable destroyable objects!

#Video Proof of Concept

In this video I am using a combination of Static Mesh Actors set to simulate physics,

and then also apex destructible actors.

Enjoy the entertaining results!

#Youtube Direct Link

#Possible Implementation

You’d probably need a pre-destroyed physics asset that then turns off once object is destroyed, and the bones would have no joint constraints

This might be an option only for apex that have a min fracture depth set to the max depth, because I am not sure how to handle partial destroyed objects :slight_smile:

then the level designer can just put the apex in the level, turn on physics, and your done, you have what I show in my video!

#Enjoy the Video

Let me know what you think of this tech combination of physics simulation and apex destruction!

#I’ve always wanted to share this with you Epic Devs!




Another pic for you!

This should already work! If you put a destructiblemeshactor in the level and then enable ‘simulate physics’. What happens when you try that?

Hey, it does work, neat!

The single remaining advantage I am having of using my system is that I can get characters to base on top of the simulating mesh before it is destroyed, and there is always pawn collision

as soon as you add pawn collision to destructibles (I am hoping this is coming in beta7)

Then this gameplay feature I am describing in this thread is already up and running!

#Great Work James!