Video Player 360 (2D, 180, 360, Stereo)

Video Player 360 - Video player for watching 2D, 180, 360, Stereo videos.

Video Player 360 - Video player for watching 2D, 180, 360, Stereo videos.
Unreal marketplace: Link marketplace

Video Preview: Youtube
Support doc: Link

Video tutorials playlist :

Note: Stereo working in VR (Oculus, HTC Vive)

Added demo runtime project:
PC,VR_Demo (cpu + lowlatency) - This setting minimizes delays, or latency, in media playback. If your video playback tends to lag, this setting may help you achieve a faster response from the WMF Media Plugin. However, enabling this setting may adversely affect the quality of the video and/or audio.
Only works on Windows 8 or later.

(Note: Since the view in the PC version is not limited, when you start the PC version Your view can be directed in the opposite direction from the screen. Just turn towards the screen.)

PC.VR_Demo(gpu video decoding) - Uses the GPU to decode video streams instead of the CPU. If your CPU is a bottleneck on your video performance, this setting may improve the smoothness of your video playback. It may also enable you to use more media at the same time, with larger resolutions.
Only works on Windows platforms, rendering with DirectX 11.

PC.VR_Demo(Standart) - default setting.

More information about gpu and lowlatency options can be found MediaFramework

**Features: **

1. Video player menu

  • Play/Stop, Video slider; Video progress in slider; Volume;
  • Zoom in/Out screen; Increase distance / decrease distance of the screen; Video settings: Pixel Density, brightness, contrast and color saturation; Hide menu/show menu;
  • The current time of the movie/ the film Length; You can use the slider to select the frame;
  • File browser; Play video files by direct url link;
  • Support: Mono, Stereo SideBySide and TopBottom layout;
  • Support: 2D, 180, 360 mode format screen;

2. File browser;

  • Shows local drives on your computer; shows files and folders. Ability to change folder icons.

*Supported video formats MediaFramework: *MediaFramework

You can develop your own design and apply it in the video player. All menus are made using widgets and Blueprints.


PC Widget working - Add to viewport mode.

VR Widget working - 3D widget.

Stereo working in VR (Oculus, HTC Vive)

Technical Details:

Number of Blueprints: Widget - 6; Actors - 4;

Code Modules: VideoPlayer360 (Runtime)

Documentation: Link

Number of C++ Classes:1

Network Replicated: (No)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 64



If you have any questions, be sure to write! :slight_smile:
If you need a demo project, write to me.

Tutorial. Change default Path for VideoPlayer360.

Hi Elizza, regarding playback of a short 5k or 6k video in a UE4.23 game (without user control), as I have written in the Unreal MarketPlace Question forum… my eMail is: [EMAIL=“”]

Hi, dgungadoo!
Good evening. Send information how to do a launch video with the trigger in scene.
please write if the solution helped you.

will this work with 360° livestreams from youtube?

Good day!

Unfortunately direct links to youtube do not work.

Since video hosting often changes the mechanism of generating links.
If Epic Games adds direct link youtube support functionality to its media framework, then this functionality is sure to be. But now there is no such support.
All you can do is point the link to a direct link file. There are services on the Internet that generate direct links youtube, and it really works, but there is no official support for this functionality.

**News 09/29/2019. **

The next update will add support for android devices.

Support for Android devices will be added within a few days.

Video player was tested on Xiaomi Note 5 and Xiaomi Mi8. Unfortunately, the plugin has not been tested on Oculus Go and Oculus Quest devices. I can’t say for sure if he’ll work for them.
If Oculus Go and Oculus Quest use the Android operating system and standart path /sdcard or / storage , I think the plugin can work.

All path added manual for working file browser.


Backlight does not work on Android devices. Cinema screen dynamic light shaders do not work, since mobile devices do not support Light Function material, this function will not work… I need to think about how to fix this.
Any questions you can ask in this branch.

New 02/10/2019
Update 1.0:

Added support android devices:Youtube
Android Multi version (tested Xiaomi Mi8 and Note 5): Example demo

Soon will be released a lesson on how to build for Android.

New 11/06/2019
Update 1.0 fix 3 - an update will be released soon.

The new update will add support for file extensions.
You can now specify which files to display in the video player’s file browser.

**Note: **ArrayExtension.

If you need to add extensions, go to the array and add values like: .mp4
To display all files, remove all values from the array so that it is empty.

Hi Elizza,can your plugin work on UE4.20? I gonna using the Video Player but our current UE version is 4.20,is this player support that?

Good afternoon, crysyal !
I have a version for 4.20, but the Unreal Engine Marketplace requires that the last three versions 4.21 , 4.22 and 4.23 be specified. I can’t add version 4.20 to the market.

If you need version 4.20, you can buy the plugin on the market, send me a check for payment, and in this case I will send you the version for 4.20.

Hi Elizza,thanks for your reply immediately,we are trying to change our google VR project from 4.20 GVR version to 4.23.If we succeed,we can just buy your plugin and use it.

Good afternoon , crysyal!
Of course. If you have any more questions, please email me.

Hi Elizza, I am looking for a solution to play video 360 (4k and 6K) inside Unreal’s editor as a backdrop for realtime compositing with actual live footage in foreground. Right now, if I just play the 360 video as a media player material assigned to a regular sphere I get a lot of fisheye distorsion, so I need something that gets rid of that, like the HDRI Backdrop plugin does with the Camera Projection option enabled. Would your plug-in do that for me? I am also quite interested in the GPU playback feature in order to optmize performance. Could I possibly try a demo? Thank you very much!

Packed exe demo

​​To avoid distortion of the projection, your player must be in the center of the sphere. To avoid fish eyes. I need to think about the curvature of the projection, but so far I have not planned to add this functionality.
You can check the performance of the player in a Packed demo.
The video player uses standard media player tools, and optimizes video playback using the gpu

Hey there, is it possible to create my own pause/play menu? I want to integrate the 360 stereo feature in my game/simulation.
A little demo version would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, Pekay11!
You can change everything as you need. Fix any style, design, buttons, button layout. You can delete unnecessary functions. The whole style, design, almost all the code done using widgets and blueprints.

If I understand correctly. If not, write more about your project and I will try to answer you.

Have you watched the demo on this link?

Thanks for the fast answer!
I checked out the demo projects and it seems it is what we are looking for.

Hi, Pekay11!
I am always happy to help. Email me if you have any questions! :slight_smile: