[VIDEO] (NEW UPDATE #2!) RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Example using Blueprints only.

This looks really nice! I was gonna play around with making an RTS starter kit for people! Ill be honest I think doing it all with blueprints is gonna be more challenging then coding it lol! If you don’t mind me asking how did you do the camera? Does the camera scroll based on the mouses postion? Or does the mouse postion just trigger the camera to scroll in a direction?

Indeed, this looks very good, I too am hoping to try my hand at making (or remaking an ancient) RTS game in UE4, problem is, i don’t know where to begin.

And as far as Fog of War is concerned, there are generally two versions: there’s the “shroud” which blankets the entire map, usually hiding everything, and then there’s the actual “Fog”, which only hides enemy units and structures, but only darkens the terrain (depending on which game you go with, Rise and Fall had only one FOW system, and it actually looked like fog, where as the Age series usually had the two i mentioned), but i’m not quite sure how you’d implement it, i’m not a coder. :stuck_out_tongue:

And apparently, Epic are going to be releasing a UI creation system (though no word on when), would we be able to implement our own system if we didn’t have a license for Coherent?

Impressive! It certainly shows what can be done with Blueprints - even if simply for quick prototyping. Out of interest, what kind of time frame was this created within?

I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread :wink:

Thank you very much everyone! :slight_smile:

NOTE: I’d really appreciate if anyone can share some low poly trees (2 or 3) and some medieval buildings (2 or 3) and various sounds (character spawn sounds, ambient music, unit/structure selection sounds etc). I’ll definitely give you credits. All assets will ONLY be used inside this project. I’ll never use them anywhere else.

In Player Controller i have a node called Get Mouse Click by Channel. Using that node i can get the object the mouse was clicked on. Using that information i select the building or move the character.

Hey Adam…Great to hear from you! :slight_smile:

I do have plans for adding multiple units. I’ll be adding the units from Epic’s Strategy Example Game.

haha yeah Blueprints can be challenging sometimes. Getting the camera to move was the challenging part for me so far. Simply moving it with WASD will not do so i had to figure out a way to move it in X axis based on rotation. So whenever i rightclick and rotate the view and press W the camera will glide correctly. :slight_smile:

Hi Anthony. This RTS Game that am making will be available to this community. If you want you can tear this up and include in your project or maybe change this into a small RTS game (I would like to see an Android game). :slight_smile:

Fog Of War is where am currently stuck at as i have no idea how to implement it. If somebody has an idea on how to do it, please do share it.

Am aware that Epic is working on a UI creation system called Unreal Motion Graphics but this RTS Game will be using Coherent-UI for HUD system. I dont think you will be able to open this project without Coherent plugin but i’ll see what i can do :). I’ll talk with Coherent-UI guys once i finish this.

Thanks Daniel :). Certainly Blueprints are powerful and beautiful! It helps a lot for guys like me. The time frame for this project was 2 days. Right after that i recorded and uploaded to YouTube. :slight_smile:

New update! Please check the new video in first post. :smiley:

Oh wow, I really like your building construction phases! That’s looks really really good!

And I think I have an idea of where you might have gotten some of the first and last names for your random name generator! (other viewers see near end of video)

Hee hee!



Insanely impressed…

Thanks Rama. :slight_smile:

LOL!..You guessed it right! More names are there including Nathan and Iyer. :wink:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

looking great, you’re helping the community a ton!

The new video is fantastic! Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

Thank you very much guys!! :smiley:

Just a slight update. I have added marquee selection. The red rectangle indicates where i really clicked. Bottom right rectangle is where i dragged my mouse.

Overview of graph:

Just now i added Grid Placement. Here is how i did that:

Macro graph that rounds the given value to nearest nth:

Then i use that to place my mesh;

Do you still need models? I need to practice making stuff for this engine so it would be good for me. Things like the barrels and such i mean, i don’t know how to make trees yet :frowning: I could try though
plus 4.3 is gonna have speed tree hopefully that will help a lot.

Just let me know a list or things you’d want and I will try and see what I can do. I’m excited to help :smiley: (I was the one who left a message about this on your youtube vid update 2)

Hi abomb,

Yes am still looking for models. Am looking for models like these (Example Barrack, Example House. Got them from UDK Forums). I just need two models only. One house that will spawn civilians and one barrack for soldiers.

Oh you are Lupusk9 Entertainment? :slight_smile:

yep thats me. I subscribed and saw you needed help. figured it will be good for me to learn, as I normally model for 3d printing in nurbs which doesn’t play well with UVs apparently. Practicing other methods now though that are compatible.


I can’t even BEGIN to understand that mass of xmas tree light wires that is the selection box graph. I wonder how easy it’d be to do tooltips, easy part would be creating the strings file (either .txt or .xml or whatever).

The video looks interesting, i’ll be keeping my eye on this for sure.

Hi Anthony…Its actually a repetition of same nodes which are Max and Min swapped differently. Tooltips is something on my to-do list.

Another quick update. Yesterday i added Resources! (Wood, Gold, Metal). :slight_smile:

Can you by any chance share your selected decal material? I’m having trouble getting my decals to show up as a circle. Thanks.

Sure thing jaran. Here are the pics. Hope you find them useful. :slight_smile:



I create Instances of the above material and change the parameters via Blueprint. That’s how i did the selection decal for the character and the buildings.

Thanks for posting the materials. Ill try it out.