[VIDEO] (NEW UPDATE #2!) RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Example using Blueprints only.

For the last couple of days i was trying to build a basic RTS game using only Blueprints and so far the result seems good (i think) although lot more work needs to be done.


  • Camera movement with panning and zooming
  • Building structures that can spawn units
  • Player can select newly created units and control them

New Features in update #2:

  • Multiple units (civilian and fighter)
  • Muliple buildings that can spawn each unit
  • Building construction now takes 12 seconds to complete.
  • Updated characters (From Epic’s Strategy Game Example)
  • Various sounds (From Epic’s Strategy Game Example)

EDIT 2: Uploaded new video.
EDIT: Special Thanks to Angel Venkov and Rama, i have received a License for Coherent-UI. New update on HUD will be available.

Update #2:

Old Videos:
First Video

nice begin. HUD ins’t hard, for me was a little confusing on begin but after that all go fine.

And that type of game need too much work on HUD

very nice:), are you going to have a shroud that disappears as you move to new areas?

Wow! looking promising! Can’t wait to see where this goes. Good job!

wow really awesome Ryan Jon!

Quite the testimony of what can be done with Blueprints, and fast too!



Sweet! Plan on making any tutorials for some of the cool stuff ya managed to do there? Hope So!

How do you do the wireframe thing?

Hi knack…Creating canvas HUD for this type can be a very time consuming task. Even back in UDK, I personally never liked Canvas to use with HUD so thats why i always stick with Scaleform.

Hi smokey13…Pardon me, but i dont understand what you mean.

Thanks a lot Superxcm. :slight_smile:

Great to hear from you Rama! Blueprint is indeed very powerful. But i have to say…HUD is still a huge problem for me. I see Coherent-UI as an alternative to Scaleform (maybe even better than that).

Hi Mixitman…I plan to release this whole project to the public. Need to figure out a couple other things and clean it up a bit. I dont have any sounds though. :frowning:

Hi Rasped…Thats not wireframe. Its a translucent (unlit) material with white color connected to Emissive and 0.3 opacity. :slight_smile:

aha, don’t known that, very much compare the other methods? i do my HUD in canvas… anyway its better that than get stuck waiting.

I mean the black stuff that covers the map/level and disappears as you move around, I cant remember the proper name but its called shroud in command and conquer

I believe smokey13 is referring to the “Fog of War” that you usually see in RTS.

sure, and that i think a HUD think no?

This looks great. Any update on this project? I’d love to see how you are accomplishing the circles under selected units effect.

Ahh yes…Its the Fog Of War. I do have plans for it. Must figure out a proper way.

A new update on HUD will be available soon. I have received license for Coherent-UI and that is what am going to use. Right now there is some limitation in Coherent-UI and Blueprint but they will improve it in next version. I want this RTS Example to be purely Blueprints only. I dont want to include any C++ codes in this project. :slight_smile:

The circle under selected unit is a decal (Although the circle surrounding the building is a sphere with DepthAlpha material). I have a Decal component in my character class and upon mouse click (in controller class) i cast the Hit Actor to My Character. If it is valid then toggle the visibility of Decal. :slight_smile:

In the future, it would be possible to post pictures or a video tutorial, you created the blueprint?
I thought all the amazing effects and interactions, enjoyed, and would like to know a little, as they were made.

Of-course i will. Am making this for the community and to show how powerful Blueprints are. Once i got everything working i will release this as a template. But by the time i release it you will probably need Coherent-UI too since i’ll be using that for the HUD.

Do you need the licence to get it to work, or is it just necessary for a release ?

Yeah…you’ll need atleast the trial version of Coherent-UI for this to work. I’ll have to talk with Coherent-UI developers when this is ready to release.

Looks very nice!
Could you tell how did you do object selection (i mean house-clicking) and movement by click?
I`m extremely new to UE4, but such projects inspires = )

Hey Ryanjon,

I’m happy to see this coming along so well, I can’t wait to see more of what you come up with in the future! Are you planning on implementing various unit types?