Video / Media Texture stay black [Android]

Hello everyone,

Managed to solve the issue by importing a sphere with a spherical uvmap modifier from 3dsMax rather than using the sphere actor from unreal.

I have a somewhat working version on UE 4.11.2 of a video player and a 360 video player using the Media Framework on both Windows and Android (Gear VR). All movies are mp4 direct in the .Movies folder and each of them playing nice in Gear VR. However for some reason on Gear VR I can only switch between a number of movies (3 to 4). On Windos there is no issue whatsoever. And it seems to be random which is really frustrating!!! 1 movie just plays fine and when selecting in a different order, it does not play but only shows black screen. If you then restart the level, the video plays fine but some other ones do not play anymore…

UE4 is great for making games but this Media Framework is really bad if you try and do anything beyond the tutorial. It has been a pain to develop the player and for any new UE4 developers out there, the rest of the engine is really good… just not this part. Please Unreal Engine people at Epic: put this on the roadmap so developers can create nice 360 video players using the unreal Engine and not having to go to competition.

It seems like I’ve also just run into this issue in 4.12.4 off of the release branch. Any news on an inbound fix?

4.13 is getting the new Media Framework 2.0 and there have been a number of improvements for Android.

Okay. So after extensive testing. I believe I’ve discovered that when insisting a project runs under OpenGL ES3.1 for Android we lose the functionality of the Media Framework / Media Textures, both at game launch and from within the environment. Strangely at game launch I can hear the audio however :slight_smile:

I setup a very basic level from scratch with media textures running well under OpenGL ES2.0 yet when following the official UE4 documentation to force the ES3.1 functionality I lost media texture playback.

We are wishing to use ES3.1 for it’s richer shader / material functionality. Can anyone advise if I’m missing something here. Absolutely critical we get this additional functionality / performance gains in conjunction with media framework.
Any help / advice greatly appreciated!

UE4.19.2 and still a black screen with audio on android. Does anybody have a fix? Paths are checked and I do use h264 mp4.

Same for UE4 20.3, I also have sound but no video. It’s an H264 video.

I have the same, got a project for 360 and keep failing to deliver.

The error still occures on 4.22.0 I guess the only workaround (I can imagine) is to make a flipbook. This is, sadly, how UE4 works… you have to workaround workarounds…

LOCK THIS TUTORIAL UE4 \ Play Video on Mobile or Android - YouTube

LOCK THIS TUTORIAL !!! UE4 \ Play Video on Mobile or Android - YouTube

In my case the issue was be the naming of files, in special when use “tilde” accent mark en the filename the screen appear black. Highly recommend name the file with supercommon characters and avoid spaces. Ex. V_TutorialA1_Levelup or V_Cinematic1_Outro. Also be carefull for include all videofiles .mp4 into a unique directory that it`s content/movies/.mp4 and let be the MediaSources .uasset can be ordered in diferente folders for into editor.

Remember to enable Android Media Player Plugin.