Video material with 4.14

Hello, I have installed the new unreal 4.14 but …
it’s Impossible to create video material with 4.14 i don’t understand!
The new system completely change and I don’t find tutorial on the internet to create a video material, thank you!

Hey JohnLopez,

So we have made some changes to the Media Framework as you have noticed :slight_smile: We have also updated our documentation to reflect these changes.

Media Framework How To

There are some good ‘How To’ guides in there as well as an overview and technical guide to follow. Let me know if you are still experiencing issues after reading through the documentation and I will be happy to assist you.


I succeeded, however my problem persists with use the material in user interface

The new system is more difficult to use.
Why not allow the old method ?


The new implementation was done to add greater compatibility and control for video playback across a wider range of platforms.