Video Game Help

Hey guys. New to game creation and unreal engine 4. I have a few questions that if answered I would greatly appreciate. First I would like to ask about how you would implement rain, wind, tornadoes, and perhaps meteorites in the game. I know it may sound like a weird question to ask. Second how would I be able to have a character find clothes, pick them up, and wear them. (I’m making a survival game in case you were wondering) Lastly, if you could give me any hint on to how to add multilayer in a game I would appreciate that as well. As weird as these questions are and how stupid I may sound it would greatly improve the direction in which I want the game to go and I would really appreciate it. I’ll keep you all posted if I have anymore questions.

More of an artist than anything but as far as ideas go i would say for rain you could design a blueprint that has some particles, sounds (rain and thunder) maybe even a post processing volumn and make it somewhat large and then have that spawn and parented to the player. In this way you simulate the effect of rain around the world without actually having to take the giant performance hit of having rain simulated across the entire map. As for meteorites and thunder and the like, I believe the guy making Solace has a video talking about how he used blue prints for those very things. Might be worth looking around for ;).

As for multiplayer check out this playlist of videos from the official UE youtube. ?v=TbaOyvWfJE0&list=PLZlv_N0_O1gYwhBTjNLSFPRiBpwe5sTwc (i’ve not gone through them myself but they seem like they’ll steer you in the right direction!). Anyways just some quick suggestions, hope they help bud :smiley:

I havent watched those tutorials, but I think you mean The Solus Project :wink: ?v=8SxTqlom3Fg

you are correct sir!

Just to mention, the paid Solus courses available on Hourence’s site are far superior to those which he has available on YouTube! :wink: They teach a fair amount of what you’d be looking for, I suggest you check them out.