Video Driver memory crashes due to Render Target Memory 2D


in one of my projects, I am starting to get crashes due to running out of GPU memory because Render Target Memory 2D in start rhi tends to get out of control. I have no idea how to diagnose what the issue is. There’s just a bunch of scene capture cubes in my scene, everything is relatively light, I do not use any render target textures myself. When I first open the project, the Render Target Memory 2D sits at around 2.5GB, but slowly crawls up to 6, and then combined with everything else running in the windows, it fills up the 11GB on my GTX1080Ti.

Does anyone have any idea how I can track down what’s actually eating the VRAM? Render Target Memory 2D on its own is not very useful, as it just reports total consumption, not how much individual scene actors and buffers cost… :frowning:

I had similar issues but they were fixed in 4.23.

@cyaoeu could you tell me the issue number which fixes this issue.

4.23 seems to be the same for me. I am really, really desperate. It’s at 7.5GB today, at a completely trivial map. Just a few buildings, about 20k poly total, and two materials :frowning: :frowning:

I have to keep restarting editor every 10-15 minutes…

Did a fix for this or explanation as to what caused it ever appear? It sounds kinda similar to the issue I’m having, with the render target memory 2d creeping up and eventually crashing the game - but in our case it happens in a build, not in the editor. (Or, maybe it is happening in the editor too but it’s taking long enough to hit the PC memory cap that we haven’t seen it.)

In my case it was using DX12 in 4.22 where it was unstable. In 4.23 onwards, DX12 still does fill up GPU memory but does not crash anymore.

Darn. Doesn’t sound like it. Thanks. We’re on 4.23 and this isn’t on a DirectX platform…