Video driver gamma issues at low res

So I’m having this problem that’s not necessarily UE related but is still driving me mental.

I switched to a 4k screen recently. It all looks fine - until I lower my resolution in any way. Any time I’m not in full 3840 x 2160 gamma shoots WAY up, washing out the picture badly. This happens in both fullscreen and windowed modes, but only inside the window being rendered (so it’s not a screen adjustment setting). This happens in every game I have installed.

It **doesn’t **happen in the editor viewport though, even though it’s smaller.

Here’s a screenshot of the matinee fight scene as it exports to an AVI:

Any idea what’s up? It’s stopping me from dropping my res to capture better framerates with Shadowplay, etc.

Edit: Also! I just colour-corrected the matinee output and uploaded it to youtube. The thumbnail appears WAY over-saturated while the video looks ok. To me the following video and screenshot appear to be the same brightness. Can anyone confirm it’s the same for them?

Regarding your last question, if you mean whether the video and the screenshot below it are both the same, then yes that is how it appears for me, and I also see that the image displayed for the video (before you hit play) does look really saturated.

Back to your original question, has this occurred since you started using 4k or just with a recent driver update? Also this happens in all of your projects? Does this happen with any other programs or just UE? One last thing does the video turn out ok in the end, where you only get the gamma issues while recording from Matinee?

If it is only UE4 that has this issue I would recommend posting a bug report on AnswerHub so Epic can look into this further, although it would be great if anyone else with a 4k setup could test this out as well if they are reading this. :slight_smile:

It began the moment I started using a 4k screen and it happens in all 3D games, windowed or fullscreen but NOT in the editor. I haven’t figured out if it’s just DirectX or includes OpenGL yet, I’ll do that today.

Oddly enough the video from the washed-out screenshot that matinee produced looked alright in the end, but I still had to darken it a touch to get it looking the same as it did in UE.

I’m not sure if the brand of screen is relevant, but it’s a Samsung U28D590D (

Oh, and something else I just realised: it only happens at resolutions below 2560x1440.

I’m not sure what might be causing that, replacing only the monitor shouldn’t cause something like this to happen…

If you are using a nvidia card open up the “NVIDIA Control Panel” (from the windows control panel) and select “Manage 3D Settings” from the list, then click the restore button to reset all of the video card settings to default, it could be one of the settings here is causing issues.

Also if you don’t use stereo 3d, go into “Set Up Steroscopic 3D” and make sure it is turned off, although it shouldn’t cause problems like this.

Another thing you could try is hooking up your old monitor to the second output on the video card and move the window with the washed out look over to it (back and forth) to see if it still renders fine on the old screen while your new monitor is hooked up as well. Also if you have any extra DVI (or DisplayPort/HDMI, whichever you are using) cables around, try using a different one just to make sure it’s not the problem. :slight_smile:

That happens while Matinee records. The output should look correct, just like what you see in the editor.

So the matinee colour issue isn’t related? I also just noticed there was a video driver update so I’ve installed it and now it seems fine. Good timing I guess. :slight_smile: I checked it out in the darkest game I have (Alien Isolation, naturally) and it looks perfect. So no problem, thanks guys!

On the downside, Shadowplay doesn’t seem to work anymore. I guess I’d better learn how to make matinees.