Video 360°

Hello everybody, I come here to show my latest work.
Video 360 ° made the unreal engine 4.
Tips are always welcome.

ps: forgive my English, blame google. kkkkkkk

Olá pessoal, venho mostrar aqui meu último trabalho.
Vídeo 360° feito na unreal engine 4.
Dicas são sempre bem vindas.

ps: perdoem meu inglês, culpem o google. kkkkkkk

What is this wizardy? I have never seen a 360 feature on Youtube before. :smiley:

Yes how do you do this?

It’s just the player in youtube, it has got 360 playback capabilities from a while back.
Rendering from unreal, I bet the guy has used a sphericalcubecapture and saved each frame through matinee but i’m unsure how now.