VICODynamics: a particle based Soft-Body physics Plugin

A Particle Based Physics Library Implementing Position Based Dynamics

Originally created as a pure UE4 plugin for our game, CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling, in order to create physically simulated Ring Ropes. It was originally called VICO Dynamic Rope System Plugin but was limited in many ways.

This library is the evolution of the VICO Dynamic Rope System Plugin; not only is this library essentially engine independent (almost true at the moment, requires external Rigid Body physics interface, PhysX in the case of UE4) but it also simulates a much more accurate system with higher performance, support for multi-threaded simulation, and most importantly: is in no way limited to just simulating ropes!

VICODynamics can now simulate cloth, either procedurally created sheets or by converting Static Meshes into Cloth, with collision, attachments, tension constraints, drag modifiers, applied forces and physically simulated wind with support for Occlusion! And volume preserving soft-bodies are coming soon followed by fluids.

The beauty of using a particle based simulation is that you are never limited in what you can create out of particles and constraints.

Another big feature of VICO Dynamics; is that it runs on the CPU. This means it supports a wide variety of platforms: PC/Mac/Linux, Mobile and Console! No dependencies to any hardware. Has been tested on Windows/Linux/Mac, Xbox One, PS4/Pro and is being tested on the Nintendo Switch now.

For more details and performance info, please visit this page:

UPDATE 10/02/17: Feature Update 2 is on the Marketplace! Here:…ynamics-plugin


Feature Rundown:

Here is a video of a Showcase level created using many features of VICODynamics. Captured in real-time on an i7 6800k with a GTX 1080 ti at 4k 60fps. This level uses 8,000 Particles and over 60,000 Constraints! All running at over 60fps in single-threaded mode and over 100fps in multi-threaded mode!


I really want to make a grappling hook with this. Looks awesome!

Thank you. A grappling hook implementation is actually on our Trello TODO list.

Very nice! We need more plugins like these!

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This is really awesome, rope physics have been in games for a very long time, but often neglected, so it’d be great to see this inside of UE4. And as a plus, it looks to be a cheap price too!
Day 1 buy from me when it pops up on the market-place.

I have cables that I would like players to be able to grab and plug in to machinery, so it’d be great to be able to do this without cables falling through the floor like they do right now.

One question though, and I don’t doubt the capability of the plugin, but will this work with environments that switch between normal gravity and zero-G?

nice! I can really use this… I had a basic system in Unity, but since I switched to UE4… was still looking for a good basic implementation for ropes… and this looks like the one.
As soon as the next project comes along where I need rope, I will certainly purchase this.

Keep up the good work!

Yep, works as expected in zero-G. Also the gravity force can be set/changed at any time during runtime.

Thank you!

Excellent work!

Is it working at very small scale as well?
I ask is because physics simulations are usually tweaked to work for certain sizes and we’ve stumbled on this problem recently when we tried to make a rope that was placed close to the camera (so it had to be quite small).
We ended up giving up on the idea but you’ve just revived the feature :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to hear that and thank you.
As for the scaling, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I have not tested it though. How small are we talking?


Guys if you add tearable thick cloth support i will definitely using this on our projects (flex not supporting right now btw) :slight_smile:

The physics library supports tearing already, we just need to implement the rendering side in UE4.

How about if i bought your old plugin? Can i have access to this new one?
Edit: I just saw on your site that you provide a free upgrade for us, nice. Sign me up :slight_smile:

very cool thanks!

Yep, as you saw: Free upgrade to everyone who purchased the previous Ropes plugin.

This seems like an excellent solution for my football goals in my game. I eagerly await the marketplace greenlight :).


Actually never considered that, but you are right. It should work very well.

Great! I’m looking forward to this! :smiley:

Thank you!

i think Epic needs to include you’re plugin to the main version off UE4 side by side with some awesome plugins in the community