VICODynamics: a particle based Soft-Body physics Plugin

That would be pretty cool.

As of right now, the tension force does not transfer between the rope and a Rigid Body. This is a big and rather complicated feature that we will implement very soon.

With that said, you can “fake” it with the current version by making the particle that has the RigidBody attached heavier. Therefore creating the illusion of weight.

Just saw this on the community spotlight on the engine launcher… Fantastic work! I’ve always loved dynamic simulations. This looks great.

Thank you!

Same here, I love physics simulation in games.

Yes, you can attach Actors to the rope and the Rope to other Actors but if the Actor is a simulating Actor; he will not receive the ropes tension force. This is an important feature that we will be adding soon.
Yes, you can do anything you want during runtime.

Here is a quick test/demo of a cloth simulated by VICODynamics and rendered by Allegro:

Just need to setup the component and rendering code in UE4. I’ll post a video of it in UE4 soon.

And yes, it does support dynamic tearing at runtime!

Cool. Can’t wait to see this.


Thank you.


Looks Awesome!
will we be able to use it on a full cloth (shirts, pants etc…)? I’m searching for a long time for a good subtitute for apex cloth, which dosent depends on the rag doll rig. how accurate will be the collusions with anoter meshes?

Once I add in planar collision approximation, clothing should just work. This is something we are going to use in our game, Action Arcade Wrestling 3.

This is really well-made! I hope to use this in the future.

Thank you!

That will be some harsh words but, why double work when Nvidia flex already exists and takes into account most of the physics aspect of fluid/rigid body/fire/all else. Not saying that you haven’t do great work but i wonder who will purchase it when Flex is for free :\

Great point actually! Start by saying FleX is not completely free, source still costs licensing. Also, FleX is platform locked to nVidia. Yes, they are planning/working on an OpenCL version. But in the end this is a project that started as a feature for our game and has evolved. It’s my take on Soft-Body physics and I decided to share it.

Also, I’d add that my system is more flexible, pun not intended. It can run in a 2D and 3D environment and has no external dependencies (technically). As stated above, a different take on soft-body physics and Position Based Dynamics.

Awesome question.

This is great stuff, I wanted to get it when it was just the rope… how long will take to have some of the other features: cloth and soft bodies?
I will get it when is in marketplace for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

Cloth and soft bodies are only missing the rendering code, everything else already works! So, I’d say not long at all.
Should be on the marketplace soon, just waiting on Epic.

Hmm… i always believed that unreal developers would have it for free as epic already paid Nvidia for Physx and stuff. Meh whole life in lies :smiley:

Cloth so far:

Mostly done, just a few things left.