[VFX] Spawn Event

I’m having trouble getting a particle event to work with Event Generator Type:Spawn. Death seems to work simple enough. How is Spawn different than Death?

What I’m trying to do is like a firework, on death of the launch burst a few particles (death event) then have those particles have trails. Tried a spawn event on those new particles but that never seems to emit. Then I tried to go into the effects scene in ContentExamples and change the example with death events to spawn and it also doesn’t work. So while there may be another way to do the fireworks, whats the deal with spawn?

Make sure u are spawning 0 particles in the spawn module, In the Event generator add a name and the event type “Death”, Make the event receiver on the other emitter, Put it listen to the event generators event name and listen for the death event. Put a spawn number inside the event receiver.

I know how to do death and that works. “death” is a event type but so is “spawn”. I have death working, but getting spawn type to work seems to be either broken or the workflow is different.

Dave, are you trying to use an event to add the trails? If so, you don’t need an event, you just need to add a source module to your ribbon emitter and set the source to your “burst” emitter. I actually have this set up and working well coincidentally (that’s what led me to my rogue ribbon post).

yeah thats what I did. I was seeing all these death events and little to no information on the spawn (or others in the list), so I was wondering why it doesn’t seem to work… but I’ve kinda let it go. Its like I wondered why, searched then moved on. hah. Thanks for the reply!