VFX on the marketplace: what would you like to see?

I wanted to see what kind of vfx content people would like to see on the marketplace. I’ve looked at the content on unity and it seems all over the place, so some idea of what people want would be great! I’ve got a couple ideas of what kind of assets to make but any feedback would be invaluable. I have a couple things in the works, but I was also wondering about how much content to make too, as far as scale, range and possible dynamic hooks.

Off the top of my head, vegetation-related VFX, like falling leaves, floating pollen particles, etc. Also, water effects like waterfalls and various splashes, as well as ripples, would probably be nice. And I am sure people would appreciate energy effects for sci-fi projects as well, though I have a feeling those would be more difficult to do as standalone particles with no mesh(es) to reference. Just some ideas. Of those, I personally would be very interested in the water effects and the vegetation stuff.

Explosions would be nice, fires, smoke, steam, snow, rain, sandstorms, dust, water splashes as mentioned above, and things of that sort.

I would like to see the basics to start with as frag and jonf pointed out. Anything too specific like sci fi will only cater to a specific genre. "blood splatter, fire, smoke, steam, rain, electrical volts like a cut wire sparking, etc.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m starting some of this now. Keep em coming!

One more vote for basic stuff. Not only is it of value to a lot of people, but it can be used in many games without them feeling unoriginal.

I would like to see environmental related VFX → rain, snow, insects, falling leaves, dust,… :slight_smile:

as said above, falling leaves, rain, any form of water effects, lava, insects sound real cool fighter

As an FX person, the things I’d be most interested in are the time-consuming things like textures e.g. a large set of grayscale noise textures, tiling patterns of various themes, flipbooks for common things like fires, smoke, splashes.

And not really for an FX artist, but a plugin to create flipbooks automatically from existing particle systems with a click would also be sweet :slight_smile: (handy for mobile or if you just want to make a few things cheaper)

I’m starting out with basics, like fire, bullet hits and some explosions, I’m still working on them but I hope to submit very soon. After that I’m going to start working on the things in this forum. For some of the larger environmental effects like rain and sandstorms, I usually start with a full screen effect to start and create systems to support that. With the gpu system its not going to make this a lot easier, but the question is, would you want to see the effects presented individually or more how they work together in a full set, or a little of both? For example one map with the effects incorporated into its usage and another map with the individual effects?

Also how much do you expect to see in a pack, and variability of sizes?

Bullet impacts on different surfaces (ice, snow, concrete, metal,glass mostly) alone is worth a separate pack to me. Also a good looking explosions pack; flash, grenade, rocket, emp, mine, C4 would be certainly useful. I think both of them belong to a separate set because if you need one you’ll likely need the other ones.

Personally I’m not interested in rain or snow and stuff like that unless they are usable. For example if you have a rain particle emitter supposed to be attached to the player pawn (so you don’t have to emit in the entire map) you need to have a good solution to stop the rain when the player goes underground. Furthermore in the case of rain it would be important to provide a shader that simulates waterdrops and another that simulates dripping water on walls, this way it would be a ‘turnkey’ solution everyone could learn from and adapt to their own needs.

This said good side blowing wind particles like sand dust, snow dust and stuff like can be handy in many scenes.

Personally for me buying a particle pack would be half for the particle quality and half for the technical aspect behind them. I would certainly be more excited to buy your next good looking particle set if I know I can expect to see some voodoo/smart ideas in them.

Thanks for the post Bigzer.
Bullets are happening right now. I’m working on hits of different surfaces using the shooting game as a base. I’ll be doing rifle first since it seems to be the most used gun. I’ll do some muzzleflashes too since those are important haha. Thinking of making a break set of effects for destruction too, as I’ve been looking into that a bit.

Voodoo… I like that! I’ll be doing a little bit of both I’m shooting for visual quality and some voodoo to match. Thanks again. I’m adding to the list! Thanks again.

Everything you mentioned is a must have for my project, Looking forward to seeing more updates.

Hey all,
The fire pack is up on the voting trello, take a look see. Hoping to submit the bullets soon.

Hi, I would really like to see some nice laser beam effects…

Always a fan of Lightning as a VFX for outdoor scenes both up in the clouds spread-finger-lightning across the sky, as well as the intense strikes on the ground.

Hello! Thanks for the input! Electricals are after the grenade explosions. I’m thinking it will include electrical break effects, some electricity and some other weird plasma-y looking stuff.

For laser beams, are you looking for beam beams or like star wars sci fi looking weapon effects?

Hi, for Laser beam’s I would really like some nice star wars like laser beams for a laser cannon on a space ship.

Ok so far I have this as a list of stuff that people are looking for so far:

  1. Environmantal effects: including vegetation(falling leaves, pollen, in air stuff), water (splashes, falls, ripples), weather (rain, snow, sand storms, dust, moving dust)
  2. Water: (waterfalls, splashes, ripples)
  3. explosions (by surface)
  4. bullets and weapon stuff (by surface)
  5. fire (submitted)
  6. smoke and steam (columns, zones?)
  7. electrical effects (sparks, electricity)
  8. breaking effects (for destructible types)
  9. laser and potentially sci fi effects (for this I might volunteer for UT since as stated some of these are weapon and prop specific)

FX artist specific

  1. textures for fx
    2)FX texture scripts

A mini updtate. I’m working on the grenades before the bullets now. I hit a little snag getting some of the different types to work, so I’m working up the grenades booms now. I will hopefully submit them this week then go back to bullets. Then breaking fx. mmmyep


Just posted a WIP of the grenade pack. Early test. Working on material variables now: Take a look see: