VFX designer needed for Oculus UE4 Project

Hi everyone,

We need a VFX designer to create some weapon effects for a UE4 Oculus project. Our traditional VFX are killing framerates. We need someone who specializes in effects, has made them for VR and knows how to create mesh based particles to limit framerate loss.

We need dozens of effects, so this could go several full-time weeks. Work can be done remotely.

Please send your resume to

Hey i’ve worked with oculus and vive creating effects before and I know how to adjust them to work with VR. You said you had effects already made so its mostly a clean up job is what it sounds like. Let me know how many effects and I can give you a time frame.

Are you still looking to fill this position @jrivonlab? Just in case you are, I’ll send over some examples of VFX we’ve done recently for a similar project. Cheers!

I tried dropping you an email but I’m getting an “address not found error”. I’ll send over a PM