[VFX][Cascade] Particle system "looping"

Hey all, I have a particle system with several emitters that are all timed specifically to each other with delays, etc… The particle system is meant to fire once only in game. However, for demo purposes I’d like to have the whole system play over and over with a short delay to let all the previous particles clear. I’m trying to figure this out with Blueprints and feel REALLY dumb…

Make your emitter loopable by setting emitter life to a higher number than life time (this will make sure your particles die before a new system starts), Then use blueprint to kill the particle emitter after it fired once or a few seconds have passed.

That should save you a lot of unwanted trouble.

Ah, yeah so that’s what I’d do if I didn’t already have 6 emitters in a single system(uasset), timed to each other so that they spawn in a specific order ime-frame, inlcuding timed bursts. So, I don’t want to do this on the emitter level (which I have done in the past with other less complicated systems) Honestly, it has to be fairly easy to tell a particle system to spawn, wait, spawn, wait, spawn, etc… with a Blueprint. I just haven’t dived that deeply into them.

If you want the whole System to loop, just set Emitter Loops to 1 in every Emitter. Or do you have an Continuously looping Emitter in your System?

Use Event Tick, Create a Delay in Blueprint and plug it into an ‘Activate’ node in your Blueprint. That should constantly ‘fire’ the particle from time 0 and all your delays will stay relative to one another.

No i didn’t say kill each emitter or w/e. I said make each emitter loopable and kill the whole PFX after a certain time passed so it wont loop.

You can also like not make it loopable and just restart the pfx every few secs through BP. There are so many choices really i could think of.

Right, all the emitters are set for a single emission. This problem requires and external solution. The emitters are “orchestrated” together for a single emission from all using delays and timed bursts to achieve the desired outcome. The system WILL loop in the view in Cascade this way…but not in game.

Thanks for this solution, I’ll give it a try and post back!

I gotcha, yeah the internet is tricky sometimes with technical discussion, lol. My Particle System does NOT loop…nor should it in its final in-game usage. But for SHOWCASING what it does in a screen capture clip, I’d like it to fire completely several times in a row with a bit of a delay between firings. So when you say “…and just restart the pfx every few secs through BP.”, that’s exactly what I don’t know how to do lol…:smiley:

Yep that was exactly the quick temp solution I was looking for! Awesome thanks!

Oh i’m sorry thought you were just lost a bit. Glad you got it working.

Hey no worries man, I’m glad you jumped in my thread to try to help!