[VFX][Cascade] Emitter expense....

Quick question, would disabling an emitter inside a particle system via a blueprint cost the same as simply not having that emitter in the particle system in the first place? What I’m getting at is the the viability of treating some particle system assets as modular for the user…turn off or on certain emitters from a single particle system in order to obtain different looks. Not necessarily in real-time in a game, but as a mechanism for asset management and ease of implementation.

Yes as far as i am aware since the emitter stops emitting it should be the same like removing it. The Emitters don’t cost anything, Only what they spawn should cost, The number, the textures, the materials. If they are disabled or removed (Aka not spawning anything) no matter which way you disable them the outcome is the same.

I was assuming the same thing, but I’ve learned to never assume with game engines :wink: Thanks for the reply!