[VFX][CASCADE] Color parameter\Blueprint issues....

So, I’m trying to expose the color prarameter in a particle system. I’m using color over life, NOT initial color. I have 3 elements in my color over life module to control color hue, intensity, and change at specific values along the 0-1 life of the particle. Once I get to the details window in blueprint and expose the parameters, the only option I have is to apply a single color value. I’m not really sure what this is doing, but it SEEMS to be affecting only the first element in the color over live module (element 0). Is it possible at all to affect the other elements? Am I actually seeing the exposed paramater simply stomping ALL the elements withing color over life? It’d be a huge bummer to have to make several versions of this asset just to allow for different colors.

Need some screenshots really to be able to help, but a few things to check first:

  • Check the Color Over Life module doesn’t have ‘Locked XYZ’ checked. If it does, all the values will only listen to the X channel.
  • Check that the parameter you’re sending to cascade is of the ‘Vector’ type, not ‘Scalar’ type. Most of the time people forget to actually change that.

People still use Colour Over Life :P?

LOL, it’s the default! It is curious to me however that Initial color and Color over life are capable of pretty much the same things.

So, no, no locked values. I’m sending the “color” as the param type from the blueprint…I tried vector as well, didn’t make a difference.

I’ll post some screens later tonight when I get home.

One more odd thing though: with a key press as the activation, I’ve seen it work about 2 times…and I literally stopped play, started play again and it didn’t work…after JUST working…