Very weird AI MoveTo task never finishing bug related to Enable BTAITasks!

In our game project, the Move To task written at 4.9 version time can work perfectly, but recently we upgrade to 4.13, when we add new Move To task now to our behavior tree, it can never finish, just stuck itself.

I searched on the forum, someone suggested (link here) check “Enable BTAITasks” option in Project Settings->AI System. Good thing is this made 4.13 new Move To task work, but this time old Move To tasks failed. They weirdly act the same, stuck at Move To, never finished.

This makes me so confused, anyone can explain this? Thanks!

Is it possible that you need to adjust the acceptable radius value of the moveTo task?

Well, tasks should get stuck, so sounds like a bug. But you’re not giving enough details for us to be able to help you. Did you implement your move BT tasks yourself? What do you mean by old and new move tasks? Please explain.



I didn’t implement the MoveTo BT task myself, they are all the built-in moveto task. All I did with these moveto tasks is just simply find a point and moveto there.

By “old”, I mean, the moveto task I created months ago when the engine is still 4.9. “Old” moveto tasks work fine both back in 4.9 and now in 4.12.

By “new”, I mean, the moveto task I created several days ago when the engine is now 4.12. They turns out to stuck and never finish.

Just as I said in the description, I followed that linked suggestion and check the “Enable BTAITasks” option, what happened is, “new” moveto works fine now, however, “old” moveto tasks now stuck… If I disable that option, it reverse back, “old” is fine but “new” is not.

Sorry for not being clear enough, thank you for answering my question, hope to learn more about it!

Have you tried recreating the “old” move to tasks instead of reusing the old assets from 4.9?

Also could you provide some screenshots of your setup so I can attempt to reproduce the issue on my end?

Yea, while the “old” one is working, I recreated a moveto task and replace the “old” one, it didn’t work after replacing. Stucked again.

I will provide some after I get home, but it’s really simple setting which is find a point and moveto there.

Thanks for the help!

Hey jstzwd,

I’m marking this topic as resolved for tracking purposes, as we haven’t heard from you in a few days. If you are able to provide the screenshots, please feel free to leave a comment and reopen this thread.

Have a great day