Very noisy GPU Lightmass

Hi all, so i’m having some major problems working with the GPU Lightmass. I’ve got a simple scene setup, with just a Skylight illuminating the scene with a HDRI plugged into it, but no matter what i try i am constantly getting noisy/blotchy results from it.

Theirs a lightmass volume around the area, 100 light bounces, production settings, i’ve dialed up the baselightmass to 256/64, tried high numbers of fireflies, tried low numbers of fireflies etc. etc. You name it, i’ve probably tried it. Has anyone here suffered through these problems? And if so, how did you end up solving them?

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Did you try using directional lighting? lots of HDRI are poorly made.

Yeah i did think that, but you dont tend to get as good a result with just pure directional, and the HDRi’s i had tried were all from good sources like Evermotion packs etc.