Very low CPU usage during compilation

It is taking enormous amount of time to compile a simple project even after minor changes — sometimes up to 7 minutes. My guess is that it’s because the Engine and my project are located on HDD, not on SSD.

However, i’ve noticed that during compilation Windows shows CPU usage at very low — about 8% (Drive usage is 100%, if that’s relevant).

My processor is i7 8700.

Do I need to add some additional configuration for build to use whole CPU or something wrong with existing project configuration?


Yeah, that makes sence…
Thank you. I think I’ll consider saving money on new SSD.

If your hard drive is the bottleneck (which it is), then there is nothing you can do to use more CPU - simply, it wants to work, but cannot read / write faster from / to your HDD.

It’s very likely that by using an SSD you would experience much faster compile times.