Very Important C++ Beginner Problem


I have serious problems with learning to use UE4. Blueprint is fine, but can not do anything. And so I must writing C++ code.

My knowledge with C++ isn’t bad. I wrote my own amateur game/graphic engine, with post processing effects, particle systems, gameplay features etc. But I can not get along with UE4.

I must write a simple visualization tool, but for me it is hard to find the desired methods and classes.
When I ask google how to add a media texture to a mesh, I find multiply sites with documentation and help from the community but never including c++ code. 99% of the explanation is with Blueprint or drag and drop.
Because my visualization is object independent, it must work with code and not Drag and Drop. Maybe I will use XML etc in the future. So C++ is a must.

I can not find any good starting point to work. As an example, I want to give a mesh a material. I thought the material generating will be something like:

UMaterial* mat = &UMaterial(/*Path*/)

but in the internet stands (well it is a common problem, so I found sth):

static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UMaterial> Material(TEXT(/*Path*/));

I was really surprised.

Normally Youtube or stackoverflow is my best friend. But on Youtube I find nothing interesting with UE4 & C++. Just some common tutorial videos. So now I want to ask, where I can find a good source to learn C++ coding and solutions (To know how to google is as well important, to find information).

Things like: to get the relative path from an (media) texture of an object, which I placed in the editor, or to import a fbx (which containts a lot of objects, textures, materials, …) and this with the right properties (like in the import dialog) and place it in the world, …

I thought, to use UE4 and write Code is much easier. I mean, as an alternative I consider to write my own Voxel Global Illumination :smiley: But I hope, I did not find already the right sources and the situation will be next week better. :slight_smile:
So please help, which sources do u can recommend? Following I know already.

Only source I use is

time is eating me up :frowning:

Sorry for bad English and Greetings