VERY different shadow quality depending on view angle

I’m experiencing a problem with some of my shadows, where there’s a VERY big difference in quality of the shadow depending on the view angle.
Now, if I understand correctly, some differences are unavoidable, but these differences are extreme.

See my attached pictures to see what I mean.

Pic1 shows the shadow when looking towards the directional light (set to moving, there are no other light sources nearby).
Pic2 shows the shadow when looking almost from straight up but a little away from the directional light.

The shadow looks great in pic2, but really bad in pic 1. Is there any way to fix this?
I’ve tried changing the CSM settings, but it makes no difference. There’s only dynamic light in the scene.

Update: I managed to get a lot better (not perfect, but acceptable) quality fac60bece7f421c1a3c9d86ddaf19c047ae98f4c.jpegby inserting r.Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades=10 into consolevariables.ini and increasing the number of cascades in the editor to 10. Lower framerate, but definitely worth it for offline rendering.

There’s no need to edit the ini file. You can do this via the directional light source’s cascaded shadow map tab. You can adjust the number of cascades there. The slider will stop at 4 but you can manually type in a value of 10.

Alright, then it must have been one of the other settings I changed in the .ini file. I did try entering 10 into the cascade number field, but still didn’t get a good result.
Could it have been r.Shadow.TexelsPerPixel=4 that did it then?