Very basic camera sys

This video explains what I am trying to do. I have researched it and not found a simple solution though I know for a blueprint expert can probably be done in a matter of minutes. Here is my video explaining it:
I would greatly appreciate some help with this. mostly via a tutorial like tutorials found on Youtube.

It is just a normal thirdperson camera without inherit roll, pitch and yaw and without use use pawn control rotation, with a larger arm length from arm spring, all this things is in the arm spring component details. but i think you post it in wrong place my friend.

No, i am willing to pay someone to do it for a very low price. I have already tried many things and want to get this done so i can get on to other aspects of the game. I just follow tutorials and implement them but there is none here that clearly explain how to change the camera actions. everyone just says use x-blueprint cause camera is done for you… but no tutorial tells us how to alter the camera abilities.

If someone can do this for around 20 bucks that would be great.

Hello @atmadaenygma,
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I believe this is what you’re going for:

If YES, you can get the BP here. Just setup a
Unique Camera BP in the Level where you want it to start relative to the Player Character Location.

		The concept behind this system is to decouple the camera from the player character pawn. Updating its movement base on the Player Character's Pawn Y Location.

		You could add inputs to Move the camera Position independently.

Thank-you very much for your interest and yest that is what I am looking for. The job has been filled by infectedfury.

@TechLord Thank-you very much this is very nice, you did a very good job.

@atmadaenygma. Thank you, That simple piece of code also demonstrates the BP functions to transition between different cameras, if so the need arises. I’m using this method to easily transition between 8 Vintage Points to do something interesting for the FPS genre in ExORION. Your project is looking nice. Keep up the good work!

Your camera is working perfectly, When it is active camera. I do not know why but sometimes it does not activate as the primary camera. No matter what I do to try to set your camera as the active camera sometimes the camera manager activates another camera, I don’t know from where. And it seems to be random, sometimes it activates your camera and sometimes it sets up the wrong camera.

Use a unique camera class name that only the player will use.