Vertical material progress bar

hi everyone,

I wanna make a “progress bar” using material for displaying it on a mesh, but I found nothing on how to do that, I fund some tut’ for rotating progess bar, but noting for vertical or horizontal

My “progress bar” will be limited using some mask (I have 2 individual bar, one on Blue channel and the other on the Green channel), I’m ussing Emmisive and Opacity Mask

so how can I increase or decrease verticaly, the mask ?

Quite simple… on my phone now so I can only roughly explain but you want a greyscale mask of your health bar. You feed a scalar param [0, 1] into your material and you build your opacity by multiplying the earlier mask by 1 or 0 based on whether its value is higher or lower than the scalar parameter respectively.

I think I understand what you mean

actually I’m doing that in my material (in attachement)

to be more explainfull I want to do that : UE4 ProgressBar material - YouTube
but verticaly with my Green and blue channel (separatly)


I get It working

using this :

Yup :slight_smile:

That should work fine. Generally though, you will get the same result for a bit cheaper using a “floor” or “ceil” operation. They both are the same but floor rounds down (0.1 becomes 0) whereas ceil rounds up (0.1 becomes 1).

So if you did that Ceil(gradient - DissolveAmount), you will get a nice cheap mask where DissovleAmount sets how much is black.

I don’t really need a ceiling or flooring, I will use the parameter as percent

but how can invert it ? I meen 0 for 0percent (none show) and 1 for the max